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Propak 2020 ended perfectly, let's meet next year

Category:Industry Market Release time:2020-12-17 Author:Grace Views:

ProPak China 2020, the annual Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition (ProPak China 2020), came to a perfect ending on November 27, 2020.The exhibition brings industries together, and once again presents the vigorous vitality and development potential of China's processing and packaging industry & market to the world in the current environment, which is full of opportunities and challenges. Provol in this exhibition with a new flexible series of products debut, aroused wide attention of the industry.

At the exhibition site, Provol is located at the International Brand Exhibition Hall (5.1 Hall), which has the most well-known brands here. The exhibits and stand design complete each other. The staff all looks professional and orderly, attracting many visitors, customers and industry technical experts come to consult and communicate. In particular, FP210-2D, a brand new F-series equipment, has attracted a lot of people in the industry with its innovative structure, simple appearance, stable operation and super high speed.

In this exhibition, Provol brought two types of equipment, namely Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machine(HFFS) S-220, and the new F-series product: Flexible High-speed Packaging Machine for Pre-made Pouch FP210-2D. These two products can accomplish filling and sealing of solid, fluid, particle, powder and other material types, and can meet the production requirements of three-side seal pouch, four-side seal pouch, stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, lifting pouch, pouch with spout, shaped pouch and other different bag types, widely used in different industries. F210-2D, in particular, innovatively adopts double-sided "sharing chain" structure, saves equipment installation space by 30%, reduces energy consumption by 20%. You can quickly change production to a different product format by touching the control screen or other related mobile control terminal, and then the machine will automatically adjust the distance of clamp hands, the height of sealing blocks, etc. The fastest changeover can be achieved within 10 seconds, which save the time to the greatest extent and improve the machine OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). The function was demonstrated and introduced in detail to many audiences on site.

At the same time, we prepared medical masks, mobile disinfection stations and corresponding warning signs at the booth for the customers and on-site staff, taking into account the dense crowd of people and the recent epidemic situation in China. In order to protect the health and safety of the audience and employees, the staff should always wear masks when talking with the audience, and use nodding to replace the handshake etiquette. Meanwhile, they should kindly remind the audience not to touch the device handle, touch screen or other parts of the  operation parts, so as to reduce unnecessary contact.

At this exhibition, we focus on new product’s launch and technical exchanges. Although the exhibition was still affected by the covid-19, the visitor flow decreased slightly compared with last year, but through the organizer's offline and online joint promotion, it also achieved a good market effect. Standards of products, brand image and team spirit are highly praised by the audience. While the market changes bring us many challenges, we believe that the best time to demonstrate our strength is to row against them. We look forward to more diversity and to rising in those challenges.

Participating in the exhibition not only enables our company to have a deeper understanding and responsibility for the development of the industry, but also brings more opportunities and inspirations for each of us. Through communication and negotiation with visiting customers and exhibitors, we have further expanded the influence of our brand. At the same time, our innovative and active project team also gained experience and enriched their ideas in the communication, so as to improve our products and services with better standards in the future and create continuous value for customers. The exhibition has ended successfully, ProPak China, let's meet next year!